Areas of Focus

Research interests within the Section fall under four broad areas:


  • Perinatal and reproductive epidemiology, focusing on ischemic placental disease (preeclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction, and placental abruption) and preterm delivery
  • Molecular approaches to understand the genetic etiologies of obstetrical complications
  • Development and applications of innovative statistical approaches to studies in human reproduction
  • Application of causal inference, mediation effects and unobserved confounding to understand mechanisms through which an exposure might affect the outcome


Much of Dr. Ananth’s recent work in perinatal epidemiology has focused on uteroplacental bleeding disorders in pregnancy. He has evinced keen interest in studying the causes and consequences of preeclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction, placental abruption and preterm delivery. Dr. Ananth has published 40 research articles on placental abruption, exploring its etiology and its effects on outcomes of pregnancy. In the area of statistical methods, his interests include bivariate logistic regression models, regression models for the analysis of correlated binary and ordinal responses and mediation effects in perinatal epidemiology.