Our Mission


Mary E. D’Alton, M.D.
Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Located at the heart of Columbia University Medical Center’s (CUMC’s) vibrant medical community where the highest quality clinical care meets innovative research, more than 80 physicians and over 50 post-graduate residents and fellows work together to meet women’s healthcare needs. Our doctors collaborate with medical and surgical specialists from many other disciplines at top-ranked NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP), and join forces with CUMC’s world-class basic, translational and clinical research scientists.


Together, we work to support health and wellness, treating women’s medical issues, and improving quality of life, by supporting pregnant mothers, delivering healthy babies, managing obstetrical and gynecologic complications, providing family planning resources, treating reproductive cancers, customizing infertility treatments, and performing urogynecologic and other surgical procedures. Our doctors are trained in the latest technology, including non-invasive fetal testing and minimally-invasive robotic surgery.


Since 1887, when the Sloane Hospital for Women first opened, our specialists have developed a reputation for national and international leadership in OB/GYN, and for excellence in women’s healthcare. We remain committed to our mission to provide the best patient care, to train future OB/GYN leaders, to support innovative research, and to bring those innovations into clinical practice.