General Obstetrics

Of all the good reasons to deliver your baby at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia University Medical Center (NYP-CUMC), peace of mind may be the best. For over 100 years, CUMC’s obstetricians have offered patients the highest standard of comprehensive pregnancy care and delivery services that have helped to shape the future of women's health care.

From a "lying-in" hospital for the poorest of women, the Sloane Hospital for Women and our obstetric and gynecological program has developed into one of the finest in the world, supported by dedicated physicians, medical specialists in related fields, and highly trained staff--from social workers and psychiatrists to lactation consultants. We offer mothers-to-be exceptional care, from regular prenatal examinations to an array of sophisticated screening and diagnostic procedures to monitor your baby’s health and development. Our experts monitor the mother’s condition just as carefully, in order to identify and treat any maternal complications that may develop.

State-of-the-Art Labor and Delivery Facilities

NYP’s Carmen and John Thain Labor and Delivery Unit at CUMC’s 168 St. location offers a comfortable, family-oriented setting for giving birth, equipped with the technology to handle any situation. Low-risk patients have the option to deliver at the Allen Hospital in northern Manhattan, convenient to Riverdale and Westchester. The obstetrical staff (obstetricians, neonatologists and anesthesiologists, midwives and nurses) at the Allen Hospital provides the highest quality care, before birth, during labor and after delivery.

Our experienced specialists are ready to assist you and your baby through the labor and delivery process. Our obstetricians have the depth and breadth of expertise to meet your individual needs and your baby’s throughout pregnancy, from conception to delivery. Close collaboration with NYP’s Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of NY (MSCHONY) ensures that both mother and baby have access to a full range of diagnostic and treatment options.

Convenient Locations for Prenatal Visits

Our obstetricians and gynecologists practice at several convenient locations throughout the New York metropolitan area: Midtown, Columbus Circle, at our Uptown CUMC location, and in northern Manhattan, making your prenatal, childbirth education, and perinatal care convenient and easily accessible.

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