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Join us: Breakthroughs in Endometriosis Treatment on March 16!


Endometriosis is a common but not widely known condition that affects reproductive-age women. Defined as the presence of endometrial tissue outside of the uterus, endometriosis can cause painful cramps, fatigue and other distressing symptoms.Join ColumbiaDoctors and NewYork-Presbyterian to learn more about this condition during an educational discussion about the latest treatment options and technology used to manage endometriosis. RSVP here!

Dr. McConnell Comments on the Causes of and Treatments for Infertility

For some couples, deciding to have a baby is much easier said than done. Infertility, defined as unprotected regular intercourse for one year without conception, can be heartbreaking and frustrating. For couples struggling to conceive, the ColumbiaDoctors Center for Women’s Reproductive Care offers options and support, giving patients the care and hope they need on their path to becoming parents.