Gynecologic Cancer Support

Woman to Woman is a Gynecological Cancer support program offered by the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center (NYPH/CUMC) under the medical leadership of Jason D. Wright, MD and coordinated by Cirah Mira-Falkenstern, RN.


Newly diagnosed gynecological cancer patients undergoing treatment for gynecological cancers at NYP/CUMC are offered the opportunity to participate in Woman to Woman free of charge. They are paired with survivor volunteers for one-on-one emotional support and guidance under the premise of “to know the road ahead, ask those coming back.” Survivor volunteers are matched with newly diagnosed patients based on cancer type, language, and age. These volunteers are disease free for at least two years and are professionally trained and supervised by our Woman to Woman Program Coordinator, Cirah Mira-Falkenstern, RN. All participants are given the “Gynecological Cancer Information Guide,” a comprehensive booklet provided by the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) complete with information and resources, as well as a special section for partners and other caregivers.


Woman to Woman was founded by Valeria Goldfein, an ovarian cancer survivor, in 2003 at Mt. Sinai Hospital. After diagnosis, Ms. Goldfein wanted to learn more about her disease and recognized the importance of connecting with those who had experienced it first-hand. She was empowered to provide valuable information and advice to others. Soon after completing treatment and with her cancer in remission, she created Woman to Woman to help women and their families copy with Ovarian Cancer. The OCRF helped fund this program in 2005 and expanded it nationally in 2011 with the support of QVC, which is the national sponsor of the program. NYP/CUMC was chosen as the first pilot program.


For more information, please contact:


Cirah Mira-Falkenstern, RN

Program Coordinator

Tel: (212) 305-3410



Dr. Jason D. Wright

Medical Director

Tel: (212) 305-3410



Woman to Woman is funded by the OCRF and generous patient support.